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News from Eurasian Patent Office

25 January, 2019
EAPO has informed that member of EAPO - Republic of Belarus has increased annual fees for maintenance Eurasian patents.
The Tax Code of the Republic of Belarus has been revised and the new version will be in force since 1 of Jan 2019. However, EAPO will be charged amended official fees since 16 of Jan 2019.

Rospatent begins to refuse patents to the notorious Russian inventor

5 December, 2018
Rospatent begins to refuse patents to the notorious Russian inventor. The inventor Mr. Kvasenkov usually files a lot of applications in Russian Patent and Trademark Office (Rospatent), for example, in 2014 he got 3824 patents, in 2015 he got 1229, in 2016 he got 4363 (!).
Let's see Espacenet. It is also confirmed by the report "World Intellectual Property Indicators" chapter Patents. You may see that in the period from 2014 to 2016 the Russian Federation filed most heavily in food chemistry 15.3% (See table A32 on page 56).
Who is he? What does he do? How he can file a such a lot of applications? Who does invest him?
He is the research engineer in the Russian Institute of Food Canning Industry. He drafts applications in the field of the food chemistry at off-work time. He files applications in Rospatent without payment any official fee using special preference. This special preference for natural persons only. For example, if an applicant wants to file an application without payment he/she must file a request that he/she is ready to alienate the application or patent. In future, when any other party wants to acquire this patent/application this party must pay all official fees for that application or patent. Russian Authority wanted to improve the activity of Russian private inventors, who has a little money.
But there are many private inventors who use this preference for own benefit and among them Mr. Kvasenkov. In all patent applications, Mr. Kvasenkov claims new recipe of dishes, for example, a method for producing soup, kvass, canned food etc. And in all his application the main advantage from the prior art is «obtaining more delicious food». Recently Rospatent began to refuse all his patent applications because the main advantage isn't providing any data research. However, Mr. Kvasenkov disagreed and he began to file oppositions to all his application refusal to The Chamber of Patent Disputes. But there he got another fail. The Chamber of Patent Disputes confirmed that all his applications don't provide data research regarding "delicious food".
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